Thursday, August 11, 2011


after madelaine basseporte, cedre, 1736
leah singer, feather girl, 2007chieko shiomi, music for two players, 1963
albrecht durer, witch riding a ram, 1499
anonymous, building, 2009
kirsty cameron, woman, 1991
peter fengler, this is upside down, 2009
marco fusinato, O_variations, 2005
ann shelton, the powder room, 1993
jan van der ploeg, untitled, 2008
kaoru hirabiyashi, sound echoing, 1991
kim gordon, she is the darkness, 2010
giovanni intra, harsh 70's reality, 1993
lee ranaldo, jacques prevert, 2007
david haines, the phantom leaves, 2010
anita speijer, horse, 1996
installation view: lee ranaldo
installation view
installation view
installation view
installation view

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